Adventures in Wyomingland, January 2010
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Sunday, January 17- The Safari in the Hills
Our sunrise this morning photographed by Patrick.

Ever seen a 2 headed deer?

You lookin' at me?

Some small bucks peeked out at us while passing by.

We finally came upon elk. There was a huge herd that spotted us so we had to chase them around the canyon a bit so that I could get some shots.

Patrick spotted a  ram, ewe, and a lamb across Trail Creek Canyon.

They were so far away but we find more in a few minutes.

In the meantime, I wanted to get some portraits of Patrick and his mom. She came down from Laramie for a visit and a Safari through the hills.

Here is another bunch of ewes and lambs.

Follow the leader

I was able to get a little closer to this one. His coat looks rough.

An old abandoned truck across the way, just to give you scale.

We saw these across another canyon. A ram and his herd.

Patrick climbed the canyon and shot these

He's used to shooting with a gun but he's doing a great job with the canon 40D and the 150-500mm lens.

Time to go home. 

But not before chasing some whitetails around the main ranch. They are always hanging out in this meadow.

The day started out cloudy but the sun came out mid-way through our adventure. The light changed on us constantly so I was adjusting exposures often.

What a lovely day.

Saturday, January 16- Truck wash and the Framed Reflection
I can't go anywhere without my camera. That's just how I was raised in photography. I can even find fun while waiting for my cowboy to wash the truck. They put this icky stuff on the roads to keep the ice at a minimum but it made the truck filthy. It's been like that since picking me up from Denver.

Get'er done Pat!

We got to church early after the car wash and went downstairs to use the facilities. I froze when I saw this framed picture.

I have this exact print at home but it is printed on a 20x24 block of wood. I found it at a flea market in Florida years ago and it hangs in my foyer by the front door. As we were walking up I stopped to photograph it. I got a few shots while Patrick patiently waited. I of course loved this one because of his reflection.

January 16- Cow Lick
Cow tongues are hilarious. And where they end up while licking is pretty funny too. "Pick a winner ol'red"!

Speaking of cow licks, Patrick and I looked like we got licked by this one today.

We were headed to church and dang if we weren't having a funny hair day. He got a bigger lick than I did though.

PS- we had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Friday, January 15- Karmen and Lane
Some neighborhood youngin's got married today. 

They look happy.

I had hoped to get shots of the wedding party on the horse and carriage ride through town but the sun went down quickly. They greeted all of the guests right after the ceremony and they had A LOT of guests. They ended up riding off in the dark. 

All I could capture was a lot of lens flare and silhouettes. I didn't want to use my flash because the horses were already spooked from walking in the dark and the glare of street lights.
Thursday, January 14-  missing my Matilda
I miss my sweet kitty a lot. She's in good hands with friends back home but I miss her sweet head butts and loud meows. Many of you know that I am not much of a dog person but Shadow here, the cow herding dog, has been very sweet and loving to me. We are warming up to each other and  he lets me talk lovey dovey to him like I would to my girl.  
I'm surrounded  by all kinds of wildlife out here but no kitty cats. Most folks have barn cats and they don't really care about giving me any attention.

Shadow enjoys a good chin scratch but is a little timid about the camera.

This is my girl.

Wednesday, January 13- checking on the new red heifers
Patrick tagged and branded all 48 yesterday by himself. He's such a hard worker and couldn't find anyone available to help him. Today they are in the coral to get adjusted to their surroundings and fill up on hay and protein.

They're pretty tired and docile today. They had a big day with being trucked to the sale, from the sale, and into a new home all in one day. 

Patrick looks them over to make sure they are feeling ok and don't need any doctoring. They're doing great.

Tuesday, January 12- a breezy day
Some girls get flowers. Some get chocolate.
I got a freeze dried frog this morning.
Poor little guy couldn't make it through the 10 below temps last week.

I was trying to find the best way to illustrate the heavy winds. The sun was shining bright and the few trees around the house were bare. I looked down and noticed the shadow of my hair flopping around. It's hard to stand still in this wind but I've been told to put rocks in my pockets.

A lovely sunset looking out over the meadow toward the main ranch house. The sky turns pink, orange and blue every morning and evening.

Monday, January 11- cow sale in Torrington
All of these cows are ready for a new home. The ones we want are all the way in the back. I stayed on the boardwalk while Patrick went to look them over. My jeans were pretty long and I just wasn't feeling like getting poop on my Miss Sixty's.

Nostril Steam

I grabbed a Glamour at the local grocery before we left. Quite the contrast to an auction with cows pouring into the ring, mooing and turning circles to show themselves off.
I read about SJP's style and the best do's and don'ts of 2009.

Patrick won the bid on 48 red heifers. They'll calve in mid-February while the others he already has will calve in March and April. He and the ladies are going to have a busy few months coming up. We got home and he had to start making the ear tags.

I went out for a quick photo fix but I lost my light before I came upon this buck. He ran off  but I shot him anyway just before Quill took off after him. Silly dog.

Sunday, January 10- walking the dogs
A beautiful sunrise. The snow is pretty much gone at the main ranch.

LouLou is getting ready for her walk.

LouLou and Quill take a walk with Patrick for a little behavior training.

John and Ketchup want to go!

I just love their winter coats!

Saturday, January 9- calf roundup at Kittells
It was time for me to get tough and help sort the steers and heifers.
I only got yelled at a couple times.

She decided to nap on this beautiful sunny day while the others get sorted..

We got home a fews hours later and I made us up a healthy lunch. Fresh lettuce with carrots, cranberries, almonds, celery, shredded cheddar cheese, and feta cheese crumbles.

Thursday, January 7- a very cold evening
It's time to feed the cows. We drove the tractor through the meadows to the hay stack and grabbed 3 bails.

Patrick got out to get the grub ready for the ladies. They were waiting. Patrick works hard. These cows depend on him to keep their pregnant bellies healthy.

I stayed in the tractor with the heater. I aint gettin' out in 0 degrees! 

Thursday, January 7- a beautful morning
We got up early to go "hunt" for deer with my new lens. It was 10 below with beautiful blue skies and the sun was shining bright. A very different picture from the previous day.

I love this cabin. Would love to wake up looking out over the canyon every morning with a cuppa joe.

Just Gorgeous.

My feet are cold, it's time to go home and warm them by the fire.

Wednesday, January 6- Blowing cold in Colorado
It was gray and dreary with blowing snow when I arrived. Patrick drove to Denver early because it was blowing snow in Wyoming and he wanted to get to me before they closed the roads. Once I got to the truck after a fairly rough landing, we had to go about 30mph on the interstate. We pulled off  for dinner and once we were done, the snow had stopped and we got to the ranch without any major road issues. A friend texted this: It's like a movie, Leah.
Nothing could keep them apart. Two souls determined to come together despite all obstacles. Mother nature did her best to keep them apart. Father Time was against them. Will they beat the storm
?????   We did.

my groovy snow boot impression

Uprooted Magnolia
Adventures in Wyomingland, January
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