I am a freelance Photographer. I am uprooting my life on Magnolia Street in Macon Georgia for a new life as an unlikely cowgirl in love with a handsome cowboy in Wyoming. My 12 year old orange tabby,  Matilda, will reluctantly join me on the journey. I hope you enjoy this blog.                                                                                                                                                 

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March 25, 2010: Home At Last
I drove home yesterday from Cheyenne and left my car in town. The roads were icy but thankfully there wasn't any snow falling.  But there was no way I could get the honda down the ranch drive. So she's sitting safely at Aunt Cathy's and Patrick picked me up and we went sight seeing. The snow cover was gorgeous and was anywhere from 8 to 10 inches high. The funny thing was that it wasn't that cold. I was perfectly comfortable walking around in it. But as soon as the sun started to fall, my feet got cold. And I hate it when my feet are cold.
We found a bunch of bachelor elk over the canyon. These guys were about a mile away. It's so hard to get close to them and that's when the telephoto lens comes in handy.

March 23, 2010:  Snowed in
Yesterday and today have been tearful. First- yesterday we went to look at the pregnant cows at the south ranch and there have been some babies that just didn't make it. The momma cows get very depressed when this happens and they try to steal a calf off of another mother. So, these forlorn ladies have to be separated until things settle down. I cried for them. Second-  I did the evening run with Patrick at he main ranch to check on the the babies and their mommies to make sure they are well and happy. We came upon a newborn with an enlarged skull and underdeveloped nose. She isn't going to make it but the momma was so loving towards it. I cried. Third- We went over to the coral with the ones that still haven't given birth and low and behold, one was calving at that very moment. It wasn't gross, it was quiet and a little slimy. It came out in the sack and the momma went right to it to clean the after birth and get it suckling. I cried. Fourth- I took Dad to the airport today and just like the day we arrived, it was blowing snow. And I mean SNOW. It cleared up in Colorado and I got him safely into the airport. I cried. Fifth- I had to leave the interstate in Cheyenne, and hour away from home, because I just couldn't drive any longer. I cried as I slid into the Days Inn praying that there is a room and internet. I met Charlotte at the front desk and she made me feel a thousand times better. She gave me a huge discount on the room and some hot chocolate. Here's the view outside my window.

She just called and invited me down to the front for some freshly popped popcorn. I think I'll nap after this.

March 22, 2010: Warmed by the sun

March 21, 2010: the snow is mostly gone and the wild turkeys are on the move
Bridge to paradise.

 The wind was whipping through the turkey feathers.

March 20, 2010: calves, mule deer, elk, and the snow covered hills

This baby was just a couple hours old. It's was up and moving the first time we saw and it and when we drove back by, he had finally found the pocket for suckling.

Patrick spotted and photographed these elk from a long way away. They elk and deer are losing their antlers and growing new ones. It happens about this time every year. 

The next 2 images are of Patricks land. 

March 20, 2010: Wyoming- after the storm
We weren't here 20 minutes before dad broke out the camera and started aiming.

We went out this morning to look for wildlife. Below is a solar powered well.

Our snow covered road ahead.

Dad really enjoyed shooting the snow capped mountains.

He's enjoying the snow but I think he looks forward to visiting in the fall as well.

Me shooting, Patrick hunting.

March 19, 2010: Kansas, Colorado, and finally Wyoming- through the storm
Phew! We made it to our new home thanks to Dad and his expert driving through the terrible weather. Ice and blowing snow kept us going 50 to 60 mph through Colorado and most of Wyoming. Thank goodness we didn't end up like this.

Dad shot these while at a rest stop. Pretty and cold.

Matilda Badilda was finally aloud to get in my lap on the last leg of the journey. The sound of the snow hitting the car made her quite nervous but she sat still and slept in my lap out of her carrier all through Wyoming.

Snoozing on her mommy's lap.

She attempted to switch gears at one point.

Ahhh, home is just over those mountains. Go faster Dad! The snow has stopped and there is no more traffic because we are in Wyoming!!!

Home. (image by Dad)

March 18, 2010:From Illinois to Missouri and Kansas    
It was a long drive through Kansas. With the threat of snow headed our way, we decided to drive as far as we could and stuck with the plan of staying in a Best Western in Wakeeney. We had a bad meal and a restless night. The wind was whipping the flagpoles outside our room and people were slamming doors on our floor of the hotel. Reminded me of living next door to the frat boys on Magnolia.
The drive was nice and the roads were wide open. We saw a HUGE windmill farm powering all of the ranches and farms out there.

Matilda was on my lap some of the time but she's such a busy-body. I had to put her up after a while of this.

These clouds are giving clues of what is to come tomorrow.

March 18, 2010: Nervous about the weather
We're on our way this morning to Wakeeney Kansas. There is a winter storm headed for Denver and Wheatland and should be hitting right about the time we are to arrive in Colorado. We might have to stay in Kansas 2 nights and get to Wyoming on Saturday. Here's hoping that doesn't happen but safety first. Hopefully we'll have wi-fi tonight. Will keep you posted.  xoxoxoxo

March 17, 2010: Happy Trails from Georgia to Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois
We started our 1664 mile journey to Wheatland Wyoming today and it has been mostly uneventful. The car is packed full and Matilda has a comfy spot near her mommy and grandpa.She howled from Macon to downtown Atlanta but has calmed down and just accepted the fact that we're stuck in this car for 3 days. We're in Mt. Vernon Illinois tonight. We are at a Comfort Inn Suites and on the pet friendly floor. The rooms are nice and 'Tilda has made herself at home. I am pleasantly surprised by her. 

Here she is early on, eyes bugged out and not sure what the heck is happening.

So, my last evening full time in Georgia was spent with family for a birthday dinner. My nephew is the cutest thing in the world. He loves his Aunt Leah and loves to take the standard Thelma and Louise shot with his Leah. Look at those blue eyes!

And my step-mom Debbie made me cry. She found this awesome website that will personalize frames. Well, she had this made for me and Dad took this pic right before I left for Jamaica. I boo-hooed when I opened this gift. This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Thank you so much Debbie!!!

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